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There’s something special about the number seven. It has both spiritual and numerical significance. I happen to be born in the year with both SEVENS. Coincidence……..I think not.

According to sources on the web, as often as it’s used and the ways it’s used suggests there’s some significance over it’s numerical value. The number seven plays a significant role in our lives, believe it or not. For example, the human body has SEVEN layers of skin, there are SEVEN notes in music, SEVEN colors in the rainbow and of course, SEVEN days in a week.

The number seven has significance in the Bible as well. Creation occurred over a period of SEVEN days.The number SEVEN is used 54 times in the Book of Revelation. There are SEVEN Churches, SEVEN Spirits, SEVEN stars, SEVEN seals, SEVEN trumpets, SEVEN vials, SEVEN personages, SEVEN dooms, and SEVEN new things. “Seven” symbolizes Spiritual Perfection.

When I researched the symbolism of the number seven in numerology, it was too much to absorb, so I’ll stick with the “spiritual” seven. It just occurred to me that we have SEVEN seas, a woman’s fertile period during her menstrual cycle lasts an average of SEVEN days, Erykah Badu and Andre 3000 have a son named SEVEN, and one of the best birthday parties I ever had was on my SEVENTH birthday.

I didn’t have many “big” birthday parties. Most of them were spent with family, complete with dinner and a home made cake by Gen. But when I turned SEVEN, my parents gave me a party on a New Orleans streetcar. For starters, what better way to celebrate your birthday than on a New Orleans streetcar?  Whether or not you are from New Orleans, everyone appreciates the joy of riding a streetcar on a beautiful “Crescent City” day. We danced, the music played, and my sister Kris and I had on matching turquoise and white striped shirt…memories. It was an epic party and my parents will go down in history as the best “7th Birthday” party planners, ever!

Almost forgot (I read a lot)…Jesus healed SEVEN people on the Sabbath. The Sabbath is the SEVENTH day, and the words “Sabbath” have SEVEN letters in it. There are SEVEN deadly sins, SEVEN continents, SEVEN phases of the moon, SEVEN natural divisions of the brain, SEVEN functions of the nervous system, SEVEN compartments of the heart, SEVEN major body organs, SEVEN year itch, 7th inning stretch, and…… the 7th Ward.

The area of town I grew up in is called the “7th Ward”. It’s geographically the second largest of the seventeen wards in New Orleans, after the 9th ward. Historically, most of the Creoles, who inhabited New Orleans were born in the 7th ward. Generations of families have lived in the same area for years, so your parent’s friend’s kids become your friends, and the people that were old when my parents were younger are even older now. Teachers that taught my dad, Uncle B.J. and Aunt Carla at Corpus Christi, also taught me. Seemed typical then, but now I realize just how special that was.

Some of my best days involved walking down Hope St. (formally Law St.) to the corner of A.P. Tureaud to get candy from Thornhill’s Drugstore. Mr. Warren was such a nice man, and it was always a treat to walk to the corner drug store for sweet treats. On my way to Thornhill’s, I’d talk to my parents friends, Adam and Rona, who lived across the street, then I’d stop and talk to Mrs. Bagneris (Miss Bee), who always had a joke or story to share. She had a foul mouth at times, but it always made the jokes funnier. Good times.

Our house on New Orleans St. was a block away from MaGen and Big Daddy, who lived on A.P. Tureaud and Hope, but before everyone was comfortable with me walking to their house alone, my mom would stand on the corner of our street, while MaGen stood on the corner of hers, and they would wave at each other once the “package” arrived. There’s so many wonderful memories of my childhood that I have a lifetime to cherish.

Based on my research, the number SEVEN has an abundance of significance in life, in general–there’s no denying that. But no matter how significant being born in “SEVENTY-SEVEN” may be, being born in 1977 has only one significance to me; it’s the time God decided to make Michael and Michelle my parents, and the rest is history. He has blessed me with 39 years, 1 day, 1 hour and 34 minutes of life with people I love, cherish, respect and admire. If I’m considered “lucky” because I was born in SEVENTY-SEVEN and there’s such significance to the number, that’s great, but If I’m considered “lucky” because I have a beautiful family, wonderful friends, an amazing life, a strong belief in my faith, and I manage to get a little shopping in from time to time when Keith’s not paying attention, then color me, LUCKY.





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